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Aaron Saunders


“I chose Spartan because as an Army Ranger we were taught to do everything with Honesty and Integrity. At Spartan Construction we do not shy away from hard situations by finding the easy solution. We provide all options available to our clients and recommend the best construction practices based off our combined years of experience.”

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Justin Sullivan

Justin joined Spartan Construction Management field operations as a Superintendent with multiple years of experience as a General Contracting Superintendent and Residential Superintendent.  

Justin has a B.S. in Conservation Biology from the University of Arizona and spent many years in Wildlife Management with his father, a professor from Arizona State University, at the Arizona Game and Fish Department. 

After college, Justin continued his work with the Arizona Game and Fish Department and spent time with the Phoenix Fire Department as a volunteer EMT. In 2014 Justin enlisted in the US Army. While in the Army he completed multiple schools including the Special Forces Assessment and Selection, the US Army Airborne School, the Ranger Assessment and Selection Program and the United States Special Army Warfare Warrior Leader Course.

Following his career in the Army, Justin started as an Assistant Superintendent at a Residential Construction firm in Arizona. Following this he progressed into the General Contracting field as a Superintendent. He has worked on multiple varieties of projects from tribal lands in Arizona to building grocery stores in Texas, California and Arizona. Justin has worked on projects between $500,000 to over $100 million in value. 

Justin joined Spartan Construction Management eager to pursue further experience as a Superintendent and expand his knowledge of the best construction practices. He currently resides in Columbus, GA with his wife and children. They enjoy spending time outside and being out in nature where Justin can help his children learn about the reptiles and amphibians that he studied in college.