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Ready to change the future of construction management and grow with SCM? At Spartan, we value GRITT in our team members. Growth, Respect, Integrity, Tenacity, and Transparency are all values we hold in high regard.
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What makes a Spartan? One word... GRITT.

Letter G in Growth


Stretch. Drive. Push yourself and our company to the next level. Never settle for less than excellence.
Letter R in Respect


One team, one fight. Our team is our strength. Respect everyone’s opinions. Support them in their endeavors.
Letter I in Integrity


Never waiver. Choose the hard right over the easy wrong every time regardless of the consequence.
Letter T in Tenacity


Stick with it. Never quit. Get back up when you’re knocked down. There is always one more thing you can do.
Letter T in Tenacity


No secrets. Communicate openly and truthfully in all situations. Mistakes are learning opportunities.
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True Spartans drive the job to successful completion.

Do you have the GRITT to become a Spartan? Then work with some of the best team members in the business and help Spartan grow and lead in the storage industry. Join our team. We hire people who are value-driven, team-oriented, and willing to learn and grow in a developmental environment.
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Being a Spartan has benefits.

At SCM, we care about your personal, team, and career growth.

Growth matters

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