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Overview: Spartan Investment Group is expanding the FreeUp Storage Boy Scout facility. This expansion consists of 1 single-story, drive-up climate controlled self-storage building. The existing property includes (3) single story drive-up self-storage buildings amounting to approximately 23,000 SF. Spartan will be looking to add the new climate-controlled drive-up self-storage buildings on the East side of the property. The existing gravel drive aisles will be converted to asphalt making them an impervious surface.

Challenges: The one major hurdle the team overcame was the firewater line’s location compared to the other city utilities. The contractor completing the hot tap needed 5’ of clearance for his equipment. This was not possible due to the location of the other utilities.

Solutions: Due to the line’s proximity to the other utilities, the team worked with the fire department to modify the tap location, reducing the cost and schedule of the project.